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About Us

People nowadays have many applications for various traditional spreads (Chocolate, hazelnut, etc...) so in 2015 we have come up with an idea of introducing PISTACHINO, a delicious sweet spreadable pistachio cream.
People all around showed a tremendous interest and loved the new pistachio cream which gave them a different option. We have handcrafted this cream to win the hearts of all consumers and it's gaining recognition day by day. This brand was born and handcrafted in Italy and is still growing and penetrating new markets due to the uniqueness of its taste and quality.


Our products are more than just social foods and greater than a good spread. These are foods that anyone of any age can enjoy! That too, anytime of the day! Not just in for a special occasion, it can be very much a part of your daily breakfast and cuisine. Surprise your family, friends, and guests with the magic of PISTACHINO taste! We are growing, innovating and leveraging our deep expertise to ensure accessibility to better food feeding consumers’ demand for taste and wellness. We trust our innovative process and deep expertise to ensure superior safety and quality, the best that can be assured.

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